A kind message

Dear managers, developers, testers, technical writers, architects,

I was lucky enough so far to witness and being part of quite a few agile transformation attempts. Therefore please accept this feedback gathered by my experience (limited or extensive depends on how you see it) so far:

  • Agility cannot be planned. It is a complex endeavour based on many variables.
  •  Agility does not have an end state. If someone tells you “We have completed our agile journey”, well let’s just say that he lacks some knowledge.
  • <emphasisNeeded> THE SCRUM MASTER IS NOT A PROJECT MANAGER </emphasisNeeded> If you don’t know the difference yet, read a book and if you are illiterate watch a webinar on the matter and listen to your Scrum Master/Agile Coach.
  • It is impossible (no seriously it is) to change your company and become agile while at the same time you wish to keep the old practices and processes.
  • If Scrum could be limited to its most important purpose that would be “the delivery of a potentially releasable software increment”. With that line in mind start constructing your agile process (or start deconstructing your old process).
  • If you are happy with long stabilisation phases and ridiculously long regressions, which is obviously the result of poor engineering practices and engineering culture) then don’t adopt any agile practice in your company. In fact don’t even try to change. Competition will be more than satisfied with this strategy. AAEAAQAAAAAAAAgDAAAAJGI1YmRiMTA2LTJiZmYtNGI5Zi1hOWQxLTJkODE4NzYzMzhiMw
  • Done means done. Not almost done, not almost tested, not about to be tested. Done. Including regression, integration etc.
  • An active management support is essential. The Scrum Master is not Harry Potter. There is no magic stick that will instantly transform you to an agile company.
  • In order to change, everyone in the company have to realise the “Why”. Management has to a key role in communicating the vision and reason for the change and get the necessary buy in from the employees (stop calling them resources).
  • Personally as a Scrum Master can provide the organisation with suggestions, consultation and insights regarding agility and Scrum. However I cannot make the transformation take place for you. Change will start bringing value to the organisation as soon as the actors involved realise that they should change as well. The sooner the better.

Just my 2c.


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