Planning with “skrum”

A “Product Backlog” determined and established by someone else other than the Product Owner. The latter is basically a proxy of a “product expert” who has never been seen so far. Estimation of the “epic” being done by an off-site team and not by the team who will actually work on the product backlog items. If you are looking for user stories (or use cases, excel list of requirements or whatever), keep looking, you won’t find them. The “skrum” team is being looted by various incoming SLAs, non-sprint tasks and of course fixing bugs which were created by other teams, individual developers or even vendors.

One day c level executives, senior managers and other software professionals start asking themselves the burning question: “Why aren’t we getting better? We implemented scrum. Look we have a sprint backlog, a product backlog, stocky notes and we stand up during dailys. Why is scrum not working? Let’s roll back to our previous practices that made us successful”.

Welcome to “skrum” and stay tuned. More “skrum” stories will follow.

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